Bivayn Creative Academy

This bootcamp is designed for Young Creatives and aims to inspire the next generation of multimedia enthusiasts and professionals.


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What is the Bivayn Creative Academy?

This immersive experience offers an introduction to graphics, photography, photo editing, video editing, and video & audio production. It's the perfect blend of education and fun, providing students with hands-on skills that can ignite their passion for the world of multimedia.


Skill Development:

Gain practical skills in graphics, photography, and audio & video production that can be applied in various academic and professional settings.

Creativity Boost

Explore and nurture creativity in a fun and supportive environment.

Portfolio Building

Create a portfolio of multimedia projects that can be showcased for college applications or future career opportunities.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded individuals and industry professionals for potential mentorship and networking.

Join the 7-Day Free Trial  (Only 50 seats available) : Dec 11-19th 2023


  1. Starts on December 11th and ends on December 19th.
  2. Open to only high school-going students and vaccists.
  3. Entry is ONLY for creative enthusiasts. 
  4. Parental consent MUST be obtained. 
  5. Entrants will be subjected to daily assignments
  6. Females are encouraged to apply.
  7.  Terms and Conditions apply

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    What students and parents should expect at the end of the bootcamp programme.

    1. Interactive Workshops: Engaging workshops led by industry professionals in graphics, photography, photo editing, video editing, and video production.

    2. Hands-On Learning: Participants get hands-on experience using industry-standard equipment and software under the guidance of experienced mentors.

    3. Creative Projects: Students work on real-world projects to apply their newly acquired skills and build a portfolio of their creative work.

    4. Industry Insights: Q&A sessions and discussions with professionals from the multimedia industry provide valuable insights into career paths and opportunities.

    5. Collaborative Environment: Participants collaborate with peers, fostering teamwork and creativity in a supportive environment.

    6. Final Showcase: The bootcamp culminates in a showcase where students present their projects, allowing them to celebrate their achievements.


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