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Documentary November 1, 2023

GIZ BackUp Health

Project: GIZ BACKUP Health 

Our Contribution:

Bivayn Multimedia played a pivotal role in the creation of a powerful documentary for GIZ BACKUP Health, a global health initiative.

Our comprehensive contribution included filming, editing, production, scripting, and voiceover services. Through meticulous storytelling, we captured the real impact of BACKUP Health on a global scale.

From diverse landscapes to the faces of those touched by the program, our lenses translated the program’s mission into a visual masterpiece.

The editing suite sculpted a seamless narrative, while production elements enhanced the emotional journey. Our scripting process crafted a purposeful and emotional backbone, and the voiceover provided the final resonant touch.

Bivayn Multimedia’s holistic approach resulted in a documentary that goes beyond reporting, becoming a chronicle of positive transformation within the realm of global healthcare.


Bivayn Multimedia proudly collaborated with GIZ BACKUP Health, contributing our expertise to craft a powerful documentary that tells the transformative story of this global health initiative. Our comprehensive services spanned filming, editing, production, scripting, and the finishing touch of a compelling voiceover.

  • Strategy

    Documentary, Video Production, Video editing, Voice Over

  • Client

    Baylor Uganda x GIZ

Open Project

Explore our videos to witness the journey toward healthier mothers and children in the Eastern region of Uganda.

Project Highlights:

  • GIZ BACKUP Health is a global initiative dedicated to empowering governments and civil society organizations to effectively implement disease control programs for HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, utilizing Global Fund grants. This program extends its support further by helping countries leverage global financing mechanisms to strengthen their national health systems.

What We Made



Film Production

Our lenses ventured into diverse landscapes, capturing the real stories and tangible impact of the BACKUP Health program. From the faces of individuals touched by its initiatives to the on-ground efforts of healthcare providers, each frame became a testament to the program’s global reach.



Behind every impactful story lies a well-crafted script. Our scripting process was meticulous, weaving together narratives that showcased the lives touched by BACKUP Health. The script became the guiding force, imbuing the documentary with purpose and emotion.



The editing suite was the canvas where the narrative unfolded. Our team meticulously crafted a seamless story, blending interviews, visuals, and impactful moments into a cohesive documentary that reflects the heart and soul of BACKUP Health.


Voice Over

The finishing touch—the voiceover. Our artist brought the script to life with a resonant tone that connected with the audience, emphasizing the global impact of the BACKUP Health program.

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