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Brand Film Commercial June 3, 2020

Jersey Unveiling – KCCA FC

Project: Riders Lounge

Our Contribution:

  • Idea Creation: In the creative lab of Bivayn Multimedia, innovation knows no bounds. For the KCCA FC Away Kit Unveiling, we conceptualized a comedic masterpiece. The idea sprouted from a blend of humor, surprise, and a touch of magic, ensuring that the unveiling was not just about a jersey but an unforgettable experience.
  • Video Production: Our cameras were the storytellers, capturing every nuance of the comedic script. The set came alive with our actors, and the vision was expertly translated onto the screen. From under-the-table surprises to Alexa’s witty responses, our production team meticulously brought the script to life.
  • Actor Search: The right actors can elevate a concept to brilliance. We scoured the talent pool to find individuals who could embody the spirit of the KCCA FC fan, bringing the comedic dialogue to life. Our casting process ensured the perfect chemistry between script and talent.
  • Video Editing: In the editing room, our post-production wizards weaved their magic. The footage was sculpted into a seamless narrative, ensuring each comedic beat landed perfectly. The final result was a visual masterpiece that captured the essence of KCCA FC’s playful spirit.
  • Video Marketing: What’s a masterpiece if it’s not shared with the world? Bivayn Multimedia took the KCCA FC Away Kit Unveiling beyond screens and into the hearts of football fans. Our promotion strategies ensured that the comedic brilliance reached its intended audience, creating a buzz that extended far beyond the unveiling.

At Bivayn Multimedia, we teamed up with KCCA FC to bring a touch of humor to the unveiling of their away kit. Our commercial is not just about showcasing a jersey; it's a journey filled with laughter and unexpected surprises.

  • Strategy

    Commercial, Video Production, Video editing

  • Client

    KCCA Football Club

Open Project

A Touch of Comedy, a Dash of Surprise:

  • Our approach to unveiling the KCCA FC away kit was anything but conventional. Laughter, surprises, and a touch of wit—this commercial is a testament to the fun-loving spirit of KCCA FC. It’s not just a jersey; it’s a celebration of the unexpected.

    Bivayn Multimedia invites you to enjoy the lighter side of football. Watch our commercial and join us in the laughter-filled unveiling of the KCCA FC away kit.

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