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Documentary June 3, 2020

URC’s Maternity Renovation

Project: USAID’s RHITES-EC Maternity Renovation

Our Contribution:

  • Visual Storytelling: Our cameras were there to capture the essence of this life-saving program. We chronicled the journey of improvement, from the application of QI methods to the essential clinical mentorships and trainings. Through our videos, we revealed the heart and dedication that went into improving maternal and child health.
  • Interviews: We sat down with the dedicated healthcare professionals who were at the forefront of this initiative. Their stories and insights, shared through interviews, provide a profound understanding of the positive impact on maternal and child health in the region.
  • Showcasing Excellence: Our lens captured more than just moments; it captured the transformative power of this program. From the renovated health infrastructure to the state-of-the-art equipment, we meticulously documented the captivating structures, interiors, and the added equipment that has revolutionized healthcare in the region.

Once again, Bivayn Multimedia had the privilege to collaborate with USAID's RHITES-EC, this time focusing on their impactful Maternal and Child Health program. This initiative was designed to enhance maternal and newborn survival through a comprehensive approach that embraced quality improvement (QI) methods, supportive supervision, clinical mentorships, and trainings.

  • Strategy

    Documentary, Video Production, Video editing

  • Client


Open Project

Explore our videos to witness the journey toward healthier mothers and children in the Eastern region of Uganda.

Project Highlights:

  • Community Engagement: The Maternal and Child Health program increased community engagement through village health teams. This strengthened the linkages between healthcare facilities and communities, creating a holistic approach to healthcare delivery.

  • Health Infrastructure: The renovation and remodelling of health infrastructure were crucial in creating a conducive environment for providing maternal and child health services.

  • Significant Improvements: As a result of these interventions, the impact was significant. Maternal and newborn survival rates improved, and the region experienced a positive transformation in healthcare outcomes.

What We Made



Film Production

Our team of creative visionaries and technical experts collaborated with USAID’s RHITES-EC to bring their transformative project to life. From capturing the laborious renovation process to documenting the intricate details of laboratory equipment installation, our video production reflects the heart and soul of this inspiring initiative. 



Video editing is where the magic happens. Our talented editors meticulously piece together the narrative of the RHITES-EC project. They merge visuals and interviews to create compelling stories that engage, inform, and inspire.



In the case of the RHITES-EC project, our photographers were on the ground, lens in hand, to encapsulate the intricate details, the dedication of the professionals involved, and the transformative journey of these laboratories. Through our documentary photography, we ensure that every image is worth a thousand words, echoing the project’s impact in Eastern Uganda.


Social Media
Film Production

We understand the nuances of each platform and tailor our content, accordingly, ensuring that the story of USAID’s RHITES-EC reaches a wider and more engaged audience. Our strategies amplify the impact of the project, fostering discussions, and promoting positive change.

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